sabato 29 gennaio 2011

*** Cyrille **** - Adopted

New funny bear!

Cyrille - One of a Kind

A beautiful guy ;0)

Smiles and happiness with him!!!

The Old Happy Bears

sabato 15 gennaio 2011

*** Bobby Blue *** - Adopted

OOAK - Vintage style 12"
Sweet Bear blue :0)
Sparse brillant blue german mohair, paws in suedine
Repro old shoe button eyes

Beautiful blue collar

Bobby Blue....a special Bear


martedì 11 gennaio 2011

*** Willibert*** - Adopted

I'm very happy to introduce you

Willibert - One of a Kind
If you are searching for a Friend here he is Willibert!!!

Smiles and happiness

The Old Happy Bears

giovedì 6 gennaio 2011

They are coming.....

They are "The Old Happy Bears", and come from far magic place.....

Wherever they go, bring their smile and happiness

Bear Hugs :o)